Thursday, November 26, 2009


I have to work today, Thanksgiving, but I’m thankful I have a job to go to. 

My favorite place to work is in my living room where it is cozy and warm, a quilt spread over my legs, where I can view the world out my French windows.  At least I can view the world skyward as they are small, high windows.  Unable to force myself out of my short PJs, it being Thanksgiving and all, and me being required to work so feeling that I owed myself at least a slight reward, I was working away when the sun made its appearance in the eastward facing window, framed perfectly, making me crazily finish the report I was working on so I could grab the camera and catch Mother Nature’s Thanksgiving gift to me.

Isn’t Mother Nature the sweetest mama on the face of the EARTH?” I thought, watching her straining to hold the sun in place long enough for me to get there.

Finally, I reached for the Canon SureShot which is never far from my side, and barefoot, in shorty pajamas, zoomed out the front door into the 30-degree morning.  It is an oddity that I can sit in the house where it is a constant 70 degrees and complain about being cold, but put a camera in my hand and give me a sunrise, and I can stand barefoot in 30-degree weather on cold concrete or in frosty grass and not even notice. 

There was no pumpkin to find frost on this morning, but the garage roof told the story.  Here’s my Thanksgiving morning.  I hope yours is as awesome.  Thank you, God, for this day!




Tracy said...

Beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving to you. xxoo

Cathi said...

Awesome pics! Happy Thanksgiving, baby! xxoo

Magpie said...

Love the photos and (as always) your narrative...peaceful feelings.