Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The People’s Court

I have to admit that I am a reality TV freak.  It really does not matter what kind of day I had, if I can watch  a show such as “American Idol”, the stress just melts right away.  And one of my favorite reality shows is “People’s Court” with Judge Milian. 

Today was a rather trying day work-wise, and as I finished working, I flipped on the TV.  There she was, my heroine.  Judge Milian.  And there she was, smiling that smile that tells me she is hearing a story that is so unbelievable to her that she is about to laugh out loud.

And what was she hearing today that was so funny?  A man describing how his niece’s dog bit him, scratching his finger, which caused him such tendon damage that he could not use his hand for 2 weeks.  The only problem with his testimony was that the ER report said he was given a tetanus shot.  Period.  Nothing about tendon damage, and even he admitted there was not even any blood involved. 

As if she had not heard enough to last her a lifetime already, the next case involved a woman who sued for five thousand dollars for a thousand dollar’s worth of repairs to her car caused when a woman accidentally put her car in reverse at a gas pump and hit the front of the plaintiff’s car.  Now, we saw the security camera tape, right?  She was not hit very hard.  We all know it does not take much of a hit anymore to do a thousand dollar’s worth of damage to the car.  But pain and suffering was going to cost the obviously worried defendant about four thousand dollars. 

Judge Milian said, “What makes you think you can get that much money for pain and suffering?” and the plaintiff proceeded to explain that she is now so frightened of having a car in front of her that she can barely stand to stop at a red light or stop sign behind anyone else. She absolutely cannot go get gas anymore because she no longer trusts the car ahead of her.

We live in a world where people are unable to find jobs, pay their rent, or receive basic healthcare, and here was a woman with the guts to try to cheat someone out of four thousand bucks over something so ludicrous.  I did not know whether to laugh or cry.  So I laughed. 

Shall we listen to the judge rip apart someone else apart who pissed her off?

Happy Wednesday to you all! 

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Magpie said...

There is something about the court shows that I just can't watch. I think it has to do with feeling embarrassed for people exposing themselves publicly.