Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Some days you have to find entertainment just…wherever.  Work might be rather boring and TV is not much better.

When I work, I sit on the loveseat by the big window in my living room with the computer perched on my lap.  I am a medical transcriptionist, a medical language specialist, a computer geek.  And I live in a small town where there is not a whole lot happening.  We do, though, have a TV station, of sorts.  I am not sure if there is ever an actual show broadcast from there, but the local radio station feeds into it at noon everyday and broadcasts the local news, and they have a webcam perched up there somewhere at one of our busier intersections, so while listening to the latest gossip, you can see the traffic making the turn there at the stoplights. 

Up until this summer, when I looked out that front window, all I could see was a decrepit old vacant school building that was quickly deteriorating.  They got busy though, and tore that down after the people in our neighborhood finally became disgusted enough to fight the School Board about it, and after the demolition was completed, they planted grass and now there is almost a whole city block of pretty greenness.  Now, when I look out there, I can see across that to the main road that cuts through out city, and now am able to literally watch the traffic go by. 

Suddenly this afternoon, during a fit of total boredom, I realized that I could look out, see what trucks or cars were going by, then turn on the TV to our “local station” and watch them make the corner on TV!  After doing that for about fifteen minutes, I thought, “How pathetic has your life become?”  So instead of just watching the steady flow of traffic out my window, then on TV, I phoned a friend and asked her if she would please get in her car and drive to that intersection and stick her hand out the window and wave toward the TV station building.  Then I thought, “See?  That’s better.  Now your life is no longer pathetic, you are goal-oriented and creative.”

Sometimes you have to just make your own fun. 


Tracy said...

I kind of miss small towns. Wait. No I don't. LOL.

Magpie said...

This is so funny!! Maybe next time you can get the friend to carry a sign that says "Hi, Kathy"!!!