Monday, November 30, 2009


I do not do a lot of decorating for Christmas.  I used to drag out the boxes of decorations on Thanksgiving night, but as the years have passed, and the kids have moved and started their own family traditions, I have discovered that it is a lot of fun to decorate but a real pain in the neck to UNdecorate.  I like it simple anymore.

Last night I actually purchased the first new decoration since about the year 2000, and it was a mantle light, a beautiful little church with stain glassed windows and a steeple.  For five extra bucks I bought some silver garland with white plastic snowflakes in it.  The tree is not up yet because I am still holding out hope that the Thomas Kinkade one will arrive within the next week or so.

Until then, I am very happy with my pretty mantle that is always guarded by angels, and the little country church nightlight that will stay lit now until after Christmas. 

Mantle church

Can’t you almost hear the whisper of the angels, “Merry Christmas everyone?”  Have a peaceful day.

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Magpie said...

I love it when I hear the angels! I like your simplified decorating...enough to enjoy and feel festive, but easy to pack and put away.