Saturday, November 28, 2009


Thanksgiving baby

This is my next-to-youngest granddaughter, Abigail.  To see her here, after a day of Thanksgiving celebration including lots and lots of turkey, you would probably say, “Oh, what a quiet, sweet little angel!”  And she is…until you put her in the proximity of clothes and shoes.

Most little girls take several years to develop the shopping gene fully.  Toy stores hold the initial attraction, of course, but not for Abigail.  We knew from early on that she was going to be a girly girl.  She would regularly, once she could crawl, go into her room and rummage through her bottom dresser drawer and pull out shirts and skirts, then move on to the closet and pick out shoes.  My son would go into her room and find her trying to figure out how to get her head into a shirt or how to get those pudgy baby feet into shoes too small. 

As she grew and found her sea legs, she would bring several things into the living room and hold them out for her mom or dad to help her try them on, and by the time she was one, she was picking out her own outfit daily. 

One thing that my daughter-in-law had not broken down and tried until today, Black Friday, was taking her to a department store.  This morning, though, she took Abigail to Penney’s and the reaction was, I am told, priceless.  Ashley let Abigail walk in even though the trip from the parking lot was a fifteen-minute ordeal as the baby stooped and picked up and explored rocks, pieces of paper, and undoubtedly some discarded gum and such.  When the store’s doors finally opened before her, and she was inside amidst the racks and racks of clothing, she stopped, bent her knees and squatted down, and let out a piercing squeal with her hands over her mouth.  Sort of the kind of reaction I would probably have if someone dumped a million one-hundred dollar bills in front of me. 

So hold on, everybody, we are in for a ride with this child!  Did you hear that Mastercard?  Better start printing up the acceptance letters right now because you have a Future Shopper of America just waiting for some plastic!


Tracy said...

I bet that was cute. Too bad granny wasn't there with the camera. :-)

Magpie said...

Don't they just surprise you all the time? I wish I could have seen that! A video would have been priceless.