Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

It’s Monday.  I think our instinct on Monday morning is to pull the covers up over our heads and sleep.  Maybe on Saturday or Sunday mornings we were up at dawn, smiling even as our feet hit the floor, maybe even tucking our cameras into our pockets and heading out to take a few sunrise photos.

November Sunrise

But Monday, Monday?  Morning should be illegal on Monday.  The week should begin, possibly, with Tuesday, or even Wednesday.  Humans should not have to work five days to get two off.  Who can recuperate in two short days?  I think I will take this up as my new cause. 

The Mamas and the Papas really sort of make you happy that it is Monday morning.  I remember when I was a kid and The Cowsills covered this song. Then I thought Monday was the most awesome day of the week, because I had this huge crush on the Cowsill boys.  It was so easy, back then, to sit back and enjoy life, don’t you agree? 

Here are The Cowsills singing Monday, Monday.  Look at that!  Bob Cowsill still had hair, and Mini Mom was still harmonizing away, may she rest in peace.  They were on The Johnny Cash show when they did this.

Ahem, okay, I’ve veered totally off the subject of hating Monday…maybe I don’t hate it so much after all.  I mean, if there’s a happy hippie song to go along with it, it can’t be half bad, right?

Oh, and then there is the caramel macchiato iced coffee that I used to usher it in as I listened to these songs:  Coffee House International makes a wonderful caramel macchiato mix to pour into that Starbucks Via! powder…

Forget what I said about Monday.  Let’s not be so prejudiced against it just yet.

Cheers!  Happy Monday, ya’all!

November Sunrise Coffee


Magpie said...

Okay, here's what I did on this my daughter off to school, Mom off to dialysis and my husband off to work and then while making the bed I decided it looked so comfortable I'd just lay down for a minute...three hours later I woke up!! I NEVER do that! I don't give in to that feeling, but I'm glad I did today.

Tracy said...

Aack! Monday!