Sunday, February 07, 2010


There is Labor Day.  There is the 4th of July.  There is Christmas. Then there is Super Bowl Sunday!  

Holidays are tiring.  There is just too much preparation involved.  But on Super Bowl Sunday, usually the coldest day of the year here in the Midwest, it seems, with ice and snow coating the ground and making travel difficult anyway, we get to stay in the house, by the fire, with a bowl of hot chili and a tray full of sliced and diced veggies with dip, and a bag of chips in front of the big HD TV, and cheer on our favorite team.  Even when my home team is not in the Super Bowl, the day, for me, is just sparkling with comfort and joy, as I watch helmets fly and arms and legs bend in totally unnatural ways.  When my team is playing in the big game, I find myself curled up in one corner of my sofa with my quilt half-covering my eyes, afraid to watch every agonizing moment of play, not eating because I might be sick from the nervous feeling in my stomach. Don't worry, though.  Once the game is over I eat everything in sight, either drowning my sorrow or celebrating our win.

You might think I am a little bit crazy, and of course, you probably would not be too wrong about that assessment, but there is one day of the year where I feel inclined to yell and cheer and let out all my aggression without having to actually hurt anyone.  

Super Bowl Sunday.  It's more than a's a legal way of letting out all that year-long pent-up anger!  And it isn't just for the guys anymore.  


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Magpie said...

You're right - not just for the guys anymore! Sorry that the Colts lost, but as you so graciously said - they didn't play the better game. There was a lot of yelling and hooting at Bill and Tracy's!! And tons of way-too-good food. It is a day to really come together, let your hair down and just relax with friends - unless your team is playing and you're huddled in the corner of the sofa under a blue blanket!!