Wednesday, February 24, 2010



Of all the lessons I have learned, I wish it had not taken until I was fifty-three years old to learn this one.  How many times have I refused to look at my image in the mirror because I was afraid to see what I really looked like?  Now, however, with all the soft, pretty wrinkles taking up residence around my eyes, my skin glows with the health of middle age.  My heart is bigger, more compassionate, and that softens my mouth, relaxes my forehead, smooths out the worry lines. But it is not about looks anymore.  I have learned to love myself because on this journey I have learned that you cannot truly love others until your self is getting plenty of attention from you.  

Learn to love your self.  Treat your self right.  Fix your self something decadent to eat now and then.  Buy your self a new outfit or a new pair of shoes.  Take your self to the Mall and try on all the samples of new lotions at Bath and Body Works and allow your self to fill up a bag of your favorite lotions to take home.  

Order your self some wonderful-smelling bubble bath and crawl into a tub of bubbly water in the middle of the day and soak away the worries and stresses.  Buy your self plenty of good books and make time to read in the shade of a big tree while popping jelly beans in your mouth until the whole bag is gone!

Just be sure if you learn one thing in this life, you learn to love yourself.  That will be very helpful knowledge if you return here someday!
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Cathi said...

So very the photo! xxoo :)

Tracy said...

Absolutely good advice!

Magpie said...

What a wonderful post...thank you for reminding us of what is important. You're a tender and beautiful soul.