Saturday, February 27, 2010


It just seems like winter is never going to end this year.  As a kid, I would anticipate the ponds icing over so I could get out on them and slip and slide.  And they did.  Back then, the ponds and lakes and rivers in my world would freeze so far through that the water could not move again until April, and if the frozen water was shaded, it would be May before all the ice would melt.

The above photo, which I borrowed from looks like a polar bear enjoying the snow and ice.  It's not.  That is me trying to walk out on my front porch in my white fuzzy coat.  The ice and snow just never go away this winter.  Remember how much fun it was to get a good running start and hit the ice, landing on your butt, sliding over rock-hard imperfections until you were bruised?  Well, that just is not fun anymore.  It hurts worse.  And the bruises do not go away for months.

I know you all are curious about where I found that awesome coat, right?  Especially since it seems to have a hood that looks like a polar bear face?  I am not telling.  Just be aware that no animals were injured in the making of that coat.  Unlike THIS animal who was injured sliding across a concrete porch on her rear end.


Magpie said...

Oh, you look very stylish in your coat...but not so comfortable. :)

"Winter, winter won't go away,
So come to Arizona for a stay!"

Tee hee

Tracy said...

Looks like he's doing his exercises! Yeah, what Nancy said.