Saturday, February 20, 2010


I would like to introduce you to my cousin, Tracy.  She used to be a regular woman with a regular job doing regular things like cooking dinner, shopping, taking walks. Then one day she followed an imp up into a tree.  She was drawn to the imp with a jar of that delicious peanut butter mixed with dark chocolate, lured up there.  She never even heard me as I tried to break the spell! When Tracy, who we now call Bird Woman, was out on that branch, there was a flurry of impy activity, spinning, little wands and wings waving, and when they flew away...well,  you have to understand how emotional it is for me living in her beautiful warm-weather Arizona home and swim in her pool.  Everyday, though, I take a walk through the neighborhood and spend a few minutes under the tree, reading to her.  I leave some bread and birdseed there, but I don't think she ever eats.  I swear I saw her blink a metal washer eye.  I hope the spell wears off and I catch a photo of her, as her human self, perched on that branch one morning.  I'll keep everyone posted.
(Photo by Tracy) 


Tracy said...

Haha! Cute. You should try playing this game:

Kathy said...

Hey, I'm in!!

Magpie said...

Now, nice. :)