Monday, February 08, 2010


Morning in the wintertime when the snow
blankets the earth outside my door, bumping
up the thermostat, covering my shoulders with
a baby blue shawl. 

My coffee iced even if the thermometer 
points below zero, drinking it, sipping,
enjoying the flavor while my feet warm up under
the electric blanket.

Fumbling for the remote control lost 
under the covers somewhere, point and shoot
at the TV bringing it to life, quickly lowering
the volume till I wake up myself.

Slipping into warm jeans, warm boots, a warm
coat and a knit stocking cap, grabbing the camera, 
feeling tears freeze on my cheeks,framing up, favorite
photo captured for remembering.

But my favorite simplicity - a good book 
read in the sunshine on the patio with blue sky
overhead, birds singing, bugs buzzing, dogs barking
in the distance. 



Magpie said...

Snuggling up and reading a book is always a good thing.

Enchanted Oak said...

What a great story you write! I was right there with you all the way, through the warmth, the chill, the camera, the sunshine and good book. Thank you for taking part in the little benefit for Haiti. We've got $216 for Heartline Ministries by doing this, and it was a blessing!
Peace to you,
Chris from Enchanted Oak

Tracy said...

Nice, cousin!