Monday, May 18, 2009


This was from inside a car on the Monogahela Incline.
Going UP?

I went to Pittsburgh to celebrate my grandson's 4th birthday
this past weekend and we had such a great time. This is me
after we had just had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Station Square.

This is the gorgeous sunset we saw on Friday night.

There was a "dancing fountain" that was perfect for a 4-year-old
and his dad to enjoy...especially when it "danced" out all over them!

This is the birthday boy waiting to go to the zoo,
his choice for Gramma's visit! (Zoo pictures to
follow later).

My grandson, David, his daddy, Shane and his mommy,
Jamie at the observation deck after a ride up there on the
Monogahela Incline.

Another view from the Monogahela Incline. This is, of course,
the Monogahela River.


Tracy said...

Oh, what cute pictures! Everyone looks happy and great! Did you get a picture of the baseball park?

Kathy said...

No, but we drove right past it as Colorado was beating them on Friday night. :-)