Sunday, May 10, 2009


First of all, I want to say Happy Mother's Day to Aunt Alice! I love you.

Then, I want to tell you all what I'm doing to celebrate Mother's Day: Going fishing. Yes, I'm going fishing. I'm preparing right now. And Redneck Me is heading out to the bait shop to invest in a new cane pole and some bobbers and hooks and all that stuff that is necessary when going on a fishing adventure.

And tick spray. Shudder. Those little blood suckers make me crazy!

Oh, and a cooler full of...drinks.

And a lawn chair.

As well as some suntan lotion, a sweatshirt (it's cold here today) and an extra pair of white socks so I can see the ticks as they try to make their way up my legs in case they decide to try to survive the DEET, or have mutated so that the DEET means nothing to them. Shudder.

Worms, too.

And some gloves. I can't stand to actually touch the fish to get them off the hook.


I'll take my camera so when I catch "the big one" I can post a photo.


Reach With Your Heart said...

How about a pic of the big one you caught...:)

Kathy said...

LOL! Okay, I knew SOMEONE was going to call me on this...I forgot to take a photo card for my camera. I'm serious. I got halfway there and realized that I had left it in the computer after downloading photos of Neut (that kid is already causing problems).

On the upside, one of Don's brothers, Mick, had a camera in his car, and he did take a photo of me with that first catfish and told me that if it was good, he'd e-mail a copy to can I say?