Friday, May 29, 2009


"This is the new bench I got for my birthday! I LOVE it!"

"Oh, did I mention I also decided to walk today??"

"Cool, more gifts! I LOVE this!"

"This is the last one?? Oh, man, I hope I have another birthday tomorrow!!"

Of course the highlights to Abigail's first birthday was the fact that she decided she would walk. Note, I'm not saying that she noted she COULD walk, but that she WOULD walk. I guess she was just saving it for the big day so when everyone got bored with the gifts, cake, ooohs, ahhhs, park, new wagon, etc., etc., she'd have something to keep the party going.

The fact that she ate so much cake she threw up at the end of the evening was also a highlight, for her, not us. She seemed to delight in it, I cleaned it up and didn't find it really all that cool.

But our Abigail is 1 now and well on her way to her teenage years when I have a feeling she will still be delighting in throwing up and keeping us all on our toes.

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