Saturday, May 23, 2009

Missy and Don could hardly wait for me to come back in
the house. Missy wanted to be fed and...well...Don wanted
to be fed, too. "Hurry, Mom, hurry! We're starved!" Now
Missy has a reason for this staring out the door and begging
thing, Don knows where the fridge is and can reach it just fine.
The begging part is just unbecoming, let's face it.

Annie won't lower herself to the begging thing. Here she is
sporting her "Speedy Ears." Usually when her speedy ears are
on like this, she's either done something she shouldn't have or
one of the neighborhood cats has gotten a good chasing. She's
proud of that. She chases them to the other side of the fence
in their own yard, quite satisfied she has corralled a ferocious
three-pound feline.

This is Missy enjoying rolling in the grass, and if she's lucky,
there just might be a nice pile of aromatic poop in it, too!

I just really don't have to say anything about these three photos.
"Ahhhh..." comes to mind. Or, "God is Great" comes to mind.
Or, "Mother Nature rocks!" comes to mind. These are just some
sunset photos I took from my own yard tonight, Memorial Day
Saturday, 2009.

I hope yours is this peaceful.

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