Thursday, May 21, 2009

For his 4th birthday, while I was visiting him in Pittsburgh,
David wanted to go to the zoo. Thinking I was way ahead of
the game, I ordered tickets online before ever leaving Indiana!
"What a brilliant idea!" I thought as I entered my information
and hit, PRINT ONLINE! "I love technology! Now we won't
have to stand in line to buy tickets!"

I never once thought, "I wonder what happens if it rains?"

I did find out, though. We awoke to downpours. Undaunted,
we stopped at a Target store and bought two umbrellas and
headed out. When we arrived, it promised to be a soggy day.
On the upside, my pre-purchased tickets got us right in the
gate with no waiting. Of course, it was pouring, so nobody
was there waiting, which kind of bummed me out.

Within 15 minutes, though, the clouds pushed back and the
sun came out and we ended up having a perfect zoo day. We
put the umbrellas away and never thought about them again
until we left. As we were leaving the gates, the skies opened
up again and the rain all ran out. Are we lucky or what?

I took something in the range of 400 photos in two days.
I'll be posting more later, however, this was one of the
cutest scenes I've ever witnessed.

And this was one of the scariest scenes I've ever witnessed,
especially when this guy got up after this display of teeth,
tongue and BIG MOUTH and ambled toward us.

And that is just a few of the photos of Kathy's Great Zoo

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