Thursday, May 21, 2009


This scene was standing on the Ohio River (well, the banks
of the Ohio River, anyway) at Station Square about 9:30
PM on a Friday night. Pittsburgh surprised me with its
beauty. I see why my kids love living there!

Caption: "You can't MAKE me look at you!" And he wouldn't.
That banana was all he cared about. I think he was a little
ticked off with his wife over something.

And this was his wife, glaring him down. I'd say she had just
about had it with having to take care of the kids all day while
he sat around doing nothing!

This polar bear was having a real blast playing in the water,
which was really fine, because we were having a real blast
watching her!

Suspended animation? Or under water? I'll stop the suspense...
Under water. We were walking in a huge tube and the polars
were showing off.

Here, kitty, kitty!

I think this lion and lioness were making up after a fight.
Eventually, though, like most men, Mr. L. got a little tired
of the affection and walked away from Mrs. L. She didn't
seem to less person to cook for that night!

I think he was getting really tired of me standing there with
a camera in his face!

And tomorrow, I'll show you some giraffes and bears and
elephants, oh, my!

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