Saturday, May 30, 2009

"The Peaflock is approaching! The Peaflock is approaching!" A princess at the zoo.

This is a giraffe...duh.

Caleb, Mercedes and Kaylee waiting for the python to eat a rabbit...sigh. It was the happeist they looked all day.

A mama goose and her goslings out for a late afternoon swim.

Giraffe showing off his profile.

A family at the zoo. Abigail, Ian, Caleb, Ashley, Merceds and Kaylee. (And a zebra trying to get in his 15 minutes of fame).

This is the way the three older kids acted when a wasp flew around our tablet while we were having a snack. They could watch a python eat a rabbit, but presented with a wasp...well...chaos ensued.

Gramma and her babies.

We had a great time and couldn't believe it when someone actually had to track us down and tell us it was time for the zoo to close. As you can see, it was a fantastic first birthday celebration the entire week for Abigail, and her cousins benefitted, too!

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