Monday, March 01, 2010


What happens when you give a grown woman, a grandmother, yet, a package of tubes of various colors of food coloring, a bowl of water, a measuring cup, a camera, and too much time on her hands? 

What happens is she starts pouring different colors of water from a measuring cup into the bowl of water on the table, takes about fifty shots of that while her boyfriend looks on in wonder, probably jealous that he did not think of it himself, ha, and then spends many minutes changing colors, depth, sharpness, contrast, highlights, and shadows in her very first drip experiment.

Amazingly, it is an all-consuming project that she is looking forward to carrying out in many, many different settings and with many, many different colors.  Amazingly, it is exactly what it sounds like, now an obsession. 

Drip experiment Color






Drip experiment BW

There you have it!  Be sure to look for these masterpieces the next time you are in a high-end gallery, please.  Buy them, put them on your kitchen wall, or in your bathroom! 

Happy Monday, all you drips!

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Magpie said...

Wasn't that fun!! I enjoyed doing this last summer with Nicole. We had a blast...we weren't smart enough to use food coloring - we used orange soda! Next I want to use a clear glass and shot from the side as we drop food coloring in and it swirls down through the water.