Thursday, March 04, 2010


 Many years ago, when I was a child, I would spend long, lazy, hot days at my Gramma's and Grampa's house in the country.  They made life for a stressed out, nervous little girl as close to perfect as they could.  

My favorite thing to do was to lay on a blanket propped up on pillows, lacing my fingers through the blades of grass absentmindedly, gazing at the robin egg blue sky through squinted eyes, through the lush green leaves of the trees in the woods surrounding the property.  Squinting until my vision blurred, the leaves took on the quality of green silk fabric draped over the branches, satin sheets tucking the big trees in for a cool afternoon nap.

I can still taste the bottomless frosted glasses of cold lemonade that would appear beside the blanket while I was deep into my daydream world.  People visit earth, then people leave to go to heaven, and if we are lucky, they come back to earth again to be our angels and help us remember the times of our lives when crickets sang us to sleep, the trees sighed with us, and the earth yawned with comfort. 



Magpie said...

Kathy you have a poet's soul.
This is beautiful.

Cathi said...

Beautiful....!! xxoo :)