Saturday, March 06, 2010


I know I spent the last two days telling anyone who would listen that Don and I were heading out today on a big shopping trip.  The weather was supposed to be perfect (it was), the sun shining brightly (it was), and the sky that bright blue that almost blinds you with its prismatic effect (it was).

We live in a small city, or a large town, but our shopping choices are extremely limited.  We are located about an hour from a larger city with a mall.  While we have no mall, we still have a Walmart store and the same traffic problems a place three times the size of ours is encumbered with.

But like I said, the weather was perfect and we needed to fly the coop for a little while.  We have both had cabin fever and sitting here counting the days until spring was getting very old.

I have made it a point of telling everyone Don wants to go to Harvard Salvage Freight.  I call it The Tool Store, but they have almost everything you can imagine there.  I have made it a point of telling everyone Don said he might be too tired to go to the mall and I told him, "No mall, no tool store."

So, here is what happened today.  Don had to drag me out of The Tool Store.  We did go by the mall for some lotion and lunch.  We were going to the Olive Garden on Tracy's dime, but we could not even find a place to park within a hundred yards, and there was a line, and Don is not a big fan of having to wait in line for his food.  

I really wanted to spend a little more time at Harvard Salvage Freight, but Don was getting tired since he worked today.  We made a quick swing past Toys R Us, of course, spent 30 minutes in the mall, and then satisfied and sated on Chinese cuisine, I drove home.  

Here is a photo of my purchases:
A Bubble Bellies tiger bubble blower.
A bottle of sensual Sandalwood and Fig body lotion (I did go to the mall).
The tennis racket thing is an electronic bug swatter.
3 pairs of woman's gardening gloves.
A blind spot stick-on mirror.
A compass.
A new set of screwdrivers (never have one when I need it).
A giant box of sidewalk chalk.
And an elementary school letters and numbers book.
Oh, and a pair of hard knee-cap protecting knee pads (for gardening).
And I left out my new 7-function multimeter (just never know).




Magpie said...

Oh, you girlie girl you!!!
Sounds like a fun day was had though and that's what counts.

Tracy said...

I've got dibs on the sidewalk chalk!

Kathy said...

Dr. Oz said everyone needs a spring-loaded nail punch where they can reach it in their car. You just put it against the window and it shatters it, little effort required. You need to both get one. You just never know when you're going to accidentally drive into a lake or river. I forgot to mention I got one because out of sight out of mind. It's in my car. :-)

You'll have to fight the toddler crowd for the chalk, Trace!