Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I don't know about you all, but sometimes the news, politics, everyone bashing everyone else because they are Republican/Democrat/religious/not religious/Christian/atheist, and you know the list could go on for an eterinity here, gets to be a little much.  I find myself on a self-imposed news hiatus, and in order to feel a little less hopeless about the way we are headed, I turn to comedic relief.  

This was the case when I downloaded the book, "The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher" by Rob Stennett.  

The fast forward version of Ryan's life is that he is a real estate agent in a slump and makes the decision to place his ad in a Christian advertising book.  Now, Ryan has never been to church, but soon he "signs up" and of course his real estate business soars, but based mostly on all the lies he is telling about his faith.  He is a lovable guy, though, and he finally decides to move his wife from Denver to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, to "plant" his own church.  

In a matter of a few days he is known as Pastor Ryan.  His first services are held at Chuck E. Cheese because that is the only place in town that will have him, and he preaches his first sermon on the stage with a "six foot robotic mouse behind me."  His topics for his sermons have titles such as "God, The Fifth Beatle."  Add to this mania that his worship music leader is a Karaoke singer named Cowboy Jack who finds his niche by taking Rock and Roll songs with "churchy" titles, like "Knockin' On Heaven's Door," and rewriting the lyrics to make them sound like Christian songs, and you can imagine the problems about to arise with this scheme.  

Great read so far!  

Have a peaceful Wednesday!


Magpie said...

Glad you're enjoying your hiatus. Sounds like a really funny book.

Cathi said...

That sounds really interesting! xxoo :)

Tracy said...

On my list!