Friday, July 30, 2010


One morning Susan and I were sitting in front of the fire, trying to wake up, when I heard a rustling noise on the picnic table.  My mind immediately knew what was happening, as I had been snacking on some sunflower seeds earlier over there on the table, but it took my body a few seconds to respond...Chip and Dale had discovered the bag of sunflower seeds.  You know how thick a Baggie is, the material almost palpably thick in comparison to say, an off-label Baggie Imitation.  But on the table I found MegaMunk.  Honestly, this was the largest chipmunk I had ever seen in my life, and he had bitten right into the Baggie and was helping himself to our protein.  

This was MegaMunk thinking he was hiding like his much smaller friends could, under the Camp Truck.
Here MegaMunk was trying to hide behind the bag of sunflower seeds, peeking over to make sure we didn't see him there making a total pig of himself.

On the lookout to make sure no rival munks were going to show up to try to steal his stash.  His jaws were getting bigger and bigger.
Having to actually rest his head on the bag while guarding the sunflower jubilee stash.
"I think I detect trouble!"
"He wouldn't DARE come over here...would he?"
"Okay, you can have ONE, got it??  You can have...okay, maybe TWO, but anymore than THREE and I'm chasing your ass off...are you paying attention to me??"
"I warned you!  Scat!  Get out of here you sunflower seed thief!  You better run from big, bad ME!"
Peace is restored when MegaMunk's cheeks get so full that he cannot balance himself to get off the table, and little Dale, here, finally gets his turn at the seed bag.
 There are several more chipmunk tales and photos to go along with them, but I think you all get the idea...hey, what else did I have to do, right?  Sitting around taking pictures of the wildlife, curling up in my sleeping bag at 4 in the afternoon to read a book, taking walks around the lake.  It was really a tough job, but someone had to take the assignment on, and I sacrificed myself!  

Have an awesome Friday!


Tracy said...

LOL. Cute. You got great shots. At least it wasn't a bear!

Magpie said...

He is a portly fellow, isn't he?
Great story and pictures.