Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well...where to start!  I know, I'll start with a segment from my trip to Michigan City, Indiana, and Holland, Michigan, both, surprisingly, on a huge lake, that I like to call "Signs."  I noticed that there were a lot of dos and don'ts all over the place near the Inland Sea, Lake Michigan.  

Once I started snapping photos of signs, I realized that I hardly had to say anything as a way of explanation, and since I'm a little crunched for time this evening already, I thought I'd just post this self-explanatory piece.   

There is a lighthouse that is the most-photographed lighthouse in Michigan called Big Red.  It is located in Holland State Park, Holland, Michigan.  There is a LOT of publicity about Big Red, but not until you are nearly upon it does the above sign appear.  It was worth the risk to proceed.  They say more pictures are taken of this one structure than any other structure in the state.  I took 200 shots of her myself, so I believe that is probably the truth.  In another chapter, I will post some portraits of this old lady of the Inland Seas.  

Well, here she is.  She sort of demands that I insert a picture of her here...Big Red.

This would be Orley's Dock.  Don and I spent probably 1-1/2 lazy hours sitting at the end of Orley's Dock just watching the world go by, by boat.  The canal here was a lane into Lake Michigan at South Haven.  I renamed it South Heaven because it pretty much was.  

This sign seemed a little out of place...

Okay...gotta take a break here.  I have a LOT more signs, aren't you all just wicked excited??  I'll post some more photos later.

Until next time...


Tracy said...

That lighthouse really is RED, isn't it? Was it cool there? I need to live in cool weather vicariously through someone.

Kathy said...

Actually no, it wasn't cool. This morning it was raining, so it was cool-ER, but definitely not cool.

Magpie said...

It looks like you had a blast. Is this a haunted lighthouse? I know there are several that are purported to be such. Glad you're back!!