Saturday, July 03, 2010


I looked past him at the clock by the bed and
quietly took in the time, the hour, the night.  
1:11 the time read, and I was mesmerized by
the hand of the night cradling me softly, the
songs of the summer wind whistling through 
the screen and shushing me back to slumber.

And I slept.  I slept and dreamed of a day when
the ocean would provide the melody and the 
gulls the harmony while I dove deeper into my
dreams and reached up to take a star in my 
fingers, hiding it like a jarred firefly on my 
windowsill so I could feel the glow.  And I 
looked past him, at the clock, and was caught
in a peaceful smile as 2:22 was displayed in red.

I snaked my feet deeper under the covers, and
found that place where my toes fit in the pillow
top mattress, the soft indentations like snuggling
next to your lover with your bare legs tangled together.
Again sleep overtook me, the firefly glowed, the 
music remained, the stars winked their blessings
throughout the universe, and I awoke, and watched
as the time changed.  The red numbers rolled like 
waves coming to shore to 3:33.

My life, it seems, progresses in threes.  Like a hand 
not wanted to be dealt in cards, but a movement of
numbers that is comforting, showing me that all is
right in the universe, that day will turn to night and 
night to dawn tomorrow, and that my angels will 
move around in my life like wisps of dandelion 
cotton.  All is right with my world when the red 
numbers roll like waves coming to the shore at 4:44.


Tracy said...

GASP. You get up at 4:44?

Magpie said...

Ha Ha, Tracy. But she didn't say she got up then. :)
Very well done, Kathy. I love the second paragraph especially.

Magpie said...

Kathy, I know I'm being lazy, but I keep forgetting to go to your other blog. Can you put a link on this blog to it? That would be ever so kind of you.

Magpie said...

Link? Link? Where's the link? :)

Brian Miller said...

your writing is beautiful...dont know if i would like waking up each hour though...loved the part about snuggling your toes down...