Saturday, January 31, 2009


Colorado is a beautiful state. There are mountains and perfect summers and gorgeous snowfalls. There are gorgeous fields of wildflowers that merge into cold, swift salmon-filled streams. There are mountain goats and grizzly bears and then there is the woman who was appointed by the Colorado prison system to mentor an inmate. Her job was pretty easy: Just watch him, get him to court, get him to his probation hearings and don't have sexual relations with him. She failed on the last rule.

This woman not only had sex with the man, she WROTE IT ALL DOWN.

Somehow word got out that there was an inappropriate relationship going on. Knowing how bright some criminals are I suspect he told his best friend and probably former cellmate how in luv he was and like most rumors that get started, it grew, until there was a knock at his lover's door and surprise! It was the cops.

"What did I do?" she most likely asked, as she kicked her detailed diaries and explicit photos under the nearest chair. "You've got it all wrong!! He's my soulmate!"

Stupid Mentor. Of course, we have to give kudos to the judge who sentenced the woman who likes to have sex with inmates to prison with, well, inmates.

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