Saturday, January 31, 2009


First of all, I could use breast implants so I could find a bra that fits, and because, let's face it, cleavage is nice. I finally found a bra that accentuates that, but I will definitely never be any Mary Carey. I wouldn't mind kicking it up a notch, but not to the point of going through a surgical procedure to get it. I'm just hoping in my next life that gets taken care of.

Anyway, there is a woman in California who had breast implants and her husband paid for those. Now, I don't know what happened between the time she got those and he probably started enjoying them very much, and the time he tried to perform his own surgical procedure to remove them, but I can almost bet it had something to do with her new, gorgeous boobs attracting attention from other people who wanted to also enjoy them.

She was going to visit her mother one day and now being EX-hubby, he decided to ambush her and just slice those saline implants right out and who knows what he wanted to do with them? Maybe he wanted boobs of his own or more likely, he was going to try selling them on the Boob Black Market to recover the substantial amount of money he put into them. It's pretty obvious he never got past the divorce and blamed those salt water-filled bags of plastic for all his troubles.

Stupid Ex-Husband! He somehow managed to stab his ex-wife in the head but the implants remained undoubtedly in place and now he's in prison, probably really glad he doesn't have those breasts, if you know what I mean.

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