Friday, October 30, 2009


Today began an incredible journey. The day started out pretty typical for a late Fall day. The sky was dark with rolling clouds, lightning sometimes lighting the sky in the early morning before God let the daylight through, long, jagged, skeleton-like fingers of supercharged bolts cutting through the sky.

I was restless, but I didn't really understand why. The Summer was beautiful. I turned the brightest luminescent green, and my veins sparkled with the juice that gave me life. There were thousands of us waving in the breeze, enjoying the cool Summer of our youths. We made the ash tree smile. We grinned down at the mimosa blossoms below us, and they stretched their pink, delicate tendrils upward to greet us every morning.

"This," I thought to myself, "must be the Very Best, hanging up here, balancing on top of the world, holding on for dear life through the storms, sighing in the cool breezes, me, the beautiful Very Best Me!"

But it seems I was wrong thinking that luminescent green beauty was my definition.

My defining moment was when the life coursing through me slowed, and I grew old, wrinkled and brown. My defining moment was today, this Fall day, this dark, boiling, rolling Fall day when the wind whipped me loose from my mooring, and I fluttered gently to the ground, too gently for the ferocity of the wind that claimed me.

My family and friends rallied around me, and we all laughed as we piled high, waved as some of us caught the crest of the wave of the wind and sailed off to new vistas. We had lived together, sang together, wept together, seen births, seen deaths, heard children laugh below us, and opened our souls to the world, and now we were slipping into the next world, prepared to become whatever our very souls were dictating, sighing contentedly. We were ready to walk new paths, become new life.

This, I know, is what I lived for. This is The Very Best Me. I tip my hat to you, know I will see you at a future time, in a new form, in a new place. I will see you young and new and will love you as we grow old, and I will cradle you in my heart forever. My heart will always beat for you. I heart you with all my soul!


A Leaf


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Very nice, cousin! XXOO