Saturday, October 31, 2009


It was a dark red Halloween night.
Halloween3 2009
David 2009
Bwaaaahhhhha!  The hauntings began at 7 p.m. sharp with this frightening evil warrior who came calling, demanding candy and other treats, and in return, my house would receive the protection from others who looked like him but were not nearly as…nice!

David D. 2009
  Next came this evil-looking, Mountain Dew-consuming bumble bee who was demanding sweet drinks, looking all innocent but ready to pounce at any second and join the evil warrior’s cause.

Halloween 2009
Probably the most unsettling visitor of the night was the Tin Man, the most evil of all evil.  You would never know by looking at the big blue eyes and the baby face, the innocent lips, that this creature was out to knock the very foundation out from under you, change your world, warp your sense of time with the clock imbedded in her belly!

Halloween2 2009
Next this vampire disguised as a young boy, and his bride, came calling, pretending to smile, stealing our very hearts with the ploy of entering our home under the pretenses of seeking sweet candy treats.

Halloween 4 2009
Just about the time we thought it was over, just about the time we knew we could take no more evil, this ballerina appeared, playing us like the idiots we were, making off with the last of the candy!

Halloween5 2009
The evil princess was surprised, a little taken aback, when the Wicked Witch of Here appeared on her broom and swept down demanding hugs in exchange for being allowed to leave the dark, scary dungeon!
And as quickly as Halloween night, lit with scary, cold Harvest Moon light, clouds skirting over the moon, giving the earth the appearance of evil, began, it ended.  The dungeon once again became Gramma’s house, the tree branches that resembled skeleton fingers in the moonlight once again were only trees, and the hauntings ended…a prelude to winter, the hope of the Holiday Season now filling our souls, and the promise of another Halloween in another year!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Tracy said...

Aw, great pictures! We had about 80 Trick or Treaters tonight. Not bad, but we had candy left over.

Cathi said...

Very cute pictures!!