Friday, October 23, 2009

The Day The Grandkids Became Thieves

Last Saturday I gathered up children and grandchildren, and we took a trip to the corn maze and pumpking patch.  The sun was playing peek-a-boo, and we were not really dressed for the cool Fall day.  We have had a slightly more seasonable autumn than we are used to.  Eventually our hunger took over and we were forced to the big barn and a big catered meal in front of an oversized fireplace.  

There were stone benches in front of the fireplace, rocking chairs, all the comforts of the farm, and my 3 grandchildren cozied right up, all 3 huddled together, little cousins, very much a part of a great big world, but very much family, melded together by genes.

Their parents were there, also huddled together, family, laughing and talking.  I had been off cleaning up our trash and approached from behind this cozy scene.  I stood there smiling, until I realized that my grandson was consuming potato chips, and not just any potato chips, but straight from a strange woman's bag seated next to him on a bench with her family.  Suddenly, pandemonium  ensued when a little girl began wailing, and I looked at my youngest granddaughter making off with the little girl's boots she had taken off when she snuggled up against her grandmother whose chips were being eaten by her cousin.  It was tempting at that point to empty my oldest granddaughter's purse, since apparently some hidden gene had taken over my angels, but really, I didn't even want to know what I might find.

I made the sign of the cross, said a little prayer, apologized, glared and took the hands of 3 children who were eyeing their next treasure laying loose.  

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Tracy said...

Ah, truly members of the family! LOL