Wednesday, February 01, 2006


You might have noticed that the style of blog I chose was "sandstone." There's a reason for that...I absolutely love the beach. I'm especially fond of Venice Beach in California. I love the boardwalk, the ocean, lazy mornings wandering down to the Sidewalk Cafe for breakfast with my cousin, Tracy.

I'm going to live there.

I get content in my life here, then I visit there and I realize that I'm not really content here at all. That my real life is out there. People try to tell me I wouldn't enjoy it as much if I was out there living day to day, making a living. But they're dead wrong. To be able to sit and look at the ocean at the end of everyday, or the beginning, to be able to sit at the Sidewalk Cafe and have breakfast, just to be able to listen to the sounds and smell the smells and watch all those people...gladly would I work my ass off out there! That's where my soul lives.

Tracy said it best this past weekend when we were there together. She said that she had a feeling that was her reality. That that's what her real life is, and then her other dimension is back in Texas. It was very profound, the way she said it, and I think she's right about that. Sort of like everyday here, sitting transcribing, is my fake life, and my soul is back in Venice, looking at the ocean. That's probably why I can manage to sit here without losing my mind totally.

I woke up thinking about "home" this morning. I know my job is going to be able to go with me at some point, and I'm just holding my breath for that moment!

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