Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Letting Go

So much is lost and nothing is gained.
Keep seeing his treasures on the ground
And strewn around his sandaled feet...
Wondering how he felt
When the sun came out and
Where he was when the rain began to fall
And if he was drunk around it all.
Thinking that letting go could have been
His salvation and
Waiting for the sun might have been
What kept him moving
Or the beginning of his end.

We may never know the way it went.
Might never hear the tales or feel
The wind in his sails...Could always wonder
How he felt when the stars came out
And where he was when the snow started
To fall
And if he was drunk around it all.
Knowing that letting go was his salvation
And waiting for the sun was his cross.
But he'll never know that his letting go
Was truly everyone else's loss.


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