Monday, February 27, 2006

New Season

Winter has been brief this year. Too brief, really, to suit her. She needs to feel the cold in her bones and the shivering in her soul during the winter months. She was born and raised in the eastern part of the Country and her sense of normalcy comes from distinct seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. When one of those seasons wimps out on her, she feels, though maybe gratefully so, hearing her speak of it, that the world is changing too quickly. She speaks of her desire to live through Eternal Spring, and speaks of it even as her heart is telling her she's lying; even as her eyes give her away.

And now, before Winter ever blew in, it is ending. The sun was never that deceiving white-hot orb floating out there, causing her to cuss and run back inside for more clothes because of its deception of warmth while shining through a below-zero morning. When it was shining this winter, it was not deceiving, it was bringing warmth to the earth, making it a surreal season.

Now, today, there the sun hangs, forcing her to shed clothes, forcing her to open screens, causing her to cuss because she seems to have missed Winter.

And Spring comes marching in...forcing its way through the curtains, bouncing around through the yard, heating everything not covered with an unnatural warmth.

Nothing she can do will stop it. Nothing can make it slink back and wait for its time End-of-March/Beginning-of-April, or even The First of May. It's on its own course so she will welcome it...tomorrow.

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