Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This morning I decided to try to alleviate a little stress by getting up early, grabbing the Canon and heading to the River Walk.  I just almost felt a pull to go there, eliminating, in my head, the Rock Garden and the cemetery, both pretty walks early in the a.m. 

Not much needs to be said.  I'll just post the photos I took.

First, after walking about 1/2 mile, I crossed this bridge which curves off to the right.

This little fawn was standing right on the other side of the bridge.  I would say we took each other by surprise, but that's not true.  This baby took ME by surprise but never did she act scared of me.


Cathi said...

Beautiful photos!! xxoo :)

Tracy said...

First, I am so happy to see you out walking again! Good for you. I would walk everyday if I had such a beautiful place to do so. Isn't that deer cute? Beautiful, really. I hope it learns fear soon though!

Magpie said...

Yes, get out there and walk! I go every morning with Star. I'm sure she would have loved to play with this little darling. Too adorable!