Sunday, August 29, 2010


This past Friday, Don and I took the day off work, loaded up the four-wheeler and everything we needed to spend the weekend camping, and headed to his brother's land, a beautiful place to spend a weekend.  We set up camp, Bob came down from his house with us, we cooked, we drank, we fished, we rested our souls and here's how that looked in photos:

This was the view from my window of the tent.

The view from our front door.
The camp dogs, Dudette and Kid. 
Where we relaxed around the firepit.
The sun coming up early this morning over the ridge.
 Plans are being hatched for a big family campout but not until the daytime high is no more than 75 degrees.  I was so sweaty that when I got home today and got in the shower I nearly cried from the pleasure of it!  

We had such a great time, though.  I took my bottle of single-barrel vintage bourbon and drank a little over ice Friday and Saturday nights by the fire, the boys had beer, one of Don's nephews showed up for breakfast was almost too relaxing!  

And I almost managed to get home with Kid, the young golden retriever, but Bob wrestled him out of the car at the last minute!  :-)

I hope your weekend was as awesome as mine.


Magpie said...

What a lovely place to camp. And I would suppose you got to make use of the indoor facilities too. Nice!

Tracy said...

It looks like a nice quiet peaceful place. I can't imagine wanting to go anywhere else.