Saturday, December 19, 2009



It is difficult to describe “cold” to someone, especially if they have rarely experienced a gray, frigid day, or if it has been a long while since they had to trudge around in it, so I took my camera and decided to describe it in photos.  Yes, it is as drippy and dreary as it looks!  He is quite decked out today, in his Holiday finest!


And here is Cold in a slightly different environment, more or less dressed in the same style, just without any playground equipment.  Note the slight tone of ugh in his eyes. 


Here he is making a tree in my own back yard miserable.  Being naked is usually very desirable, of course, unless you are a tree…outside…in the below-freezing rainfall.  Oh, we call her “Frozen Precip.”  She’s a bitch sometimes!  Today Frozen Precip and Cold decided to combine forces and really give us a treat! 


Anyone who wants to join us here today for a day of gift-wrapping-in-front-of-the-fire fun just fly right on in!  I’ll meet you at the airport!  Oh, wait…Cold and Frozen Precip got together and shut down most of our airports!  Well, hop in the car and come on over!  I’ll put the Bucket O’ Margaritas in the fridge and have them ready when you get here! 


Tracy said...

This is very beautiful! Especially since I'm looking at it as the 72 degree sun shines through my open windows!

Magpie said...

Cruel, Tracy, cruel...kinda true, but still cruel. :)