Friday, December 18, 2009


I went shopping tonight for the "sock-find" gifts.  I got a few:  A CD of soul music with music I've never heard of; a CD of "hits" from 1991, again, nothing I have ever heard...not only that, I don't recognize any of the acclaimed musicians; a dog that poops candy when you press on his head, and he's pretty funny.  A little trap door opens up under his tail.  I also scored two "The Simpsons" Christmas DVDs that I secretly hope to keep myself. The must be real winners at $2.50 each, huh?  AND, last but not least, a little 99-cent book called, "Heal Yourself with Herbal Teas."  Santa is on the haunt!  

Best part of this shopping trip was that my oldest granddaughter was there!  She's a huge help. Her idea of a gag gift is a Blue Ray DVD of "The Blue Seas" or whatever that National Geographic set is.  LOL.  It was quite a leap for her to go from that to a candy-pooping dog, but we got there.  

Happy Friday night!!  


Anonymous said...

je suis nouveau ici j'aime vous lire ;)
je voulais vous remercier pour votre super site internet !
Bonne continuation
Nicolaseo, Rien de mieux que le referencement naturel.

Kathy said...

Merci pour la lecture.