Friday, December 18, 2009


There are quite a few people in my Christmas World.  The babies just keep popping up.  One year there were just my own two children and Don’s son on Christmas morning.  Breakfast was a snap, I realize now.  This coming Christmas morning there will be my own two children and Don’s son…two daughters-in-law, one son-in-law, two aging Dachshunds, four young grandchildren, a brother, and a fabulous boyfriend in the pear tree!  At my house…wanting breakfast, wine, beer, mixed drinks, snacks, gifts, and ultimately dinner. 


And I’m loving every second of preparing for that onslaught! 

At first I got a little panicky because my own mother set the “gift precedence.”  It was way out there, but, God rest her beautiful soul, she had nothing growing up and wanted us to have everything, and I loved her so much for that.  She and my dad, sadly, will not be with us to love Christmas this year, and it is impossible to tell you how missed they are going to be. 

I should never have tried to copy the “gift precedence,” but I had this thought in my head that I had to give BIG gifts.  This year, though, a lot of things have changed, the most obvious one being that I lost my comfortable-paying job and am now employed for about $10,000.00 less per year.  The gift situation was going to have to change.

After shopping for the little kids, I had to tell the big “kids” that there were not going to be big-money items under the tree this year, and my kids, being the awesome young people they are, were unfazed.  So in order to make it a fun, meaningful holiday, I came up with the following:

I went to Big Lots.  Yes, the store of one-of-a-kind discontinued items.  I bought five pairs of Christmas-themed socks.  I stuffed the ones for the children, but the others are hidden all around the house.  Let me take a moment here to assure the people who know me best that yes, I did write down where they are.  Anyone who finds a sock will bring it to me, and when there is a “pair”, the people with the two socks will pick a gift from under the tree to present to one another.  They are going to be gag gifts.

Here’s hoping that even in the midst of our economic crisis, loss of people, and loss of jobs, our Christmases will be memorable and worshipful!

Enjoy your Friday, everyone!  ONE WEEK TILL CHRISTMAS!


Magpie said...

What a totally awesome idea! I hope you don't mind if I steal it for a day in the future.

The holidays can be hard and feel lonely even when we're surrounded by people. But I believe you're keeping your parents close, by continuing your family's "gift precedence" wonderfully.

"Merry Christmas, you old Savings and Loan!!!" You're doing your Momma proud, Girl.

Kathy said...

I would be honored if you stole that idea. LOL! Doesn't that sound fun?

Yes, we'll make it. I sort of have a feeling maybe I had "too much" before. It feels a little less like a burden to have just enough.