Monday, May 31, 2010


I am up.  I am sore.  I am sunburned.  I am so happy with what I accomplished yesterday in my eco-yard, but still have so much to do, like turning the compost into the earth so next spring I can use that rich, fertile dirt for planting.  I also think, after sharing my vision with my boyfriend about extending my patio, he might be onboard with that, which is lucky for me because what that means is that he will DO that for me.  :-)  Okay, not really all of it, I do my share as you will see by the photos below that show the stone walkway I began building yesterday and yes, I actually did the lifting and placing and measuring.  (I decided twelve inches apart was best, since I can easily figure out where that is on the measuring device).  Laughing out loud!  

We also put the angel on a little pedestal.  She looks as if she has a grotto now, she looks as if at any moment she might begin to glow and ascend into Heaven, as if she is holding court over the back yard.

Today is a workday for me.  Have to make money so I can pursue all the other "visions" I have for Don to work on for me!

Happy Memorial Day to you all, and don't forget to say a little prayer for all our soldiers and all our wonderful people who have given us life and gone on before us.  xxoo


Tracy said...

Very nice! That's the kind of work you can be proud of.

Magpie said...

Great job. Does look like a lot of work, but work to be proud of!!
Try not to work too hard today.

Jingle said...

beautiful job!
be proud of yourself...
U Rock!