Sunday, June 28, 2009


Yesterday I was retrieving the clean, dry shirts and shorts and socks from the dryer after a rewarding day of washing them. That was the highlight of my day yesterday, so please, give me the poetic license here.

I have a stacked washer and dryer, and I have had those for about six months now, I guess. It sure beats having to lean over that big old extra-capacity washing machine I used to use all the time. My ribs would be sore. Being vertically challenged, there were times I made sure the cell phone was in my pocket so in case I fell in, I could call for help.

But I've made an observation about laundry in general, socks and panties in particular. They try to run for their lives by diving out of the dryer when I open the door. If I stoop down once to retrieve a runaway sock, I stoop down ten times. When I do open the door and nothing dives for the floor, I smile, satisfied, then I pull out a shirt or a pair of jeans and realize that socks and panties were hiding in the folds of those, escaping at the last second before I can put my hand out to catch them. Why is it they always take me by surprise? It's like the laundry is getting smarter than comments on that fact, please. :-)

To accentuate how boring my day can be, I find myself devising ways to trick the laundry.

I bet everyone wishes they could participate in one of MY days, huh?

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