Sunday, June 14, 2009


Last night, Don and I had the pleasure of attending the Dance Central Academy's year-end recital. The music was delightful, a lot of it being from Madagascar and The Lion King, and the choreography by Carolyn Randolph was exceptional.

There are about 200 kids in her school, and she must have the patience of Job because even the tiniest walk out there and wow the audience with their timing and their stage presence.

Of course, my granddaughter, Kaylee, is one of the best (said without any prejudice whatsoever). Or, let me put it this way: One day she is going to be a standout performer, already engaging the audience by blowing a kiss and winking at the end of her performance. And show business is not easy. She had some gruesome workouts. Her costume changes alone were enough to make me cringe, not to mention makeup and hair, and how tired her legs were. Kaylee excels in ballet, but she also does tap and jazz. And this summer she is doing a class everyday in hip-hop cheerleading and gymnastics.

Anyway, without further ado, here are a few photos of Kaylee during her LONG show last night (almost three full hours - and at the end she was still smiling but crashed when we got away from her adoring "fans." LOL). We went out for ice cream and she said, "I'm really ready to just take this and go home." And my Kaylee, who everyone knows is so special to me, accepted the flowers we brought her and said, as we were walking up the driveway, "Gramma, thank you for everything you did for me tonight." Sniff. Okay, THERE'S NO CRYING IN BALLET!

The pictures aren't very good. The auditorium holds 1000 people and we were crammed in the middle section, in the middle of a row. And the stage was lit with a forest-like lighting scheme...and okay, besides, I was about halfway crying while I watched her, I was so proud.

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