Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Butterfly Wall

If you ever need to get away
For a year or for a day,
Give me a call and meet me
Behind the Butterfly Wall.

We'll bury our troubles in the sand,
Become little girls skipping hand in hand,
Swim naked in the lake, catch our dinner
And make white clover bracelets woven
Stem to stem and swing on the grapevine
Limb to limb.

Hear the wildlife settle in for the night,
Huddle by the fire, the moon for our light.
We'll kneel at the edge of the universe,
Chant a prayer to the stars
Saying thank you Mother for getting us this far.

Close our eyes, chase the years and try to find where they went,
Fall peacefully asleep in our Barbie doll tent.

So if you ever need to get away for a year or a day,
Give me a call,
I'll find you behind the Butterfly Wall.

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