Wednesday, January 20, 2016

On and On and On It Goes

It seems to have taken forever to get moved into our apartment where we will reside until the house is remodeled.  As expected, it has been a bit of an adjustment going from a full house to a tiny one-bedroom apartment...and most of all, sharing a bathroom.  We have never shared a bathroom, ever.  We have been sharing a bathroom for two days, and already I am irritated about the toilet seat always being up when I go in there!  

We also have a coat tree Don has refused to part with, which is in the hallway by the only bathroom, and it is burdened with all his coats, and on top, his Mad Bomber hat.  About a dozen times now, I have nearly screamed coming out of the bathroom, thinking someone is standing in the hallway preparing to finish me off!  

All in all, though, we seem to be adjusting. The humans are adjusting much better than The Royal Dachshund, the senior citizen, Annie.  She seems a wee bit disturbed that she is now being fed in a tiny upstairs apartment.  Really, that is all she is concerned about, her food dish.  I think she thought maybe she was going to lose it in the move.

Now for some photos from yesterday's final day of moving.  

The first picture is of a contractor's garbage bag full of socks.  Don has never thrown away a pair of socks, and now he is having to throw away about twenty-five pounds of old socks!

And then the other pictures here are just of the nineteen-fifty-five version of our house, shag carpet and all!  I will shed no tears as the walls come down and the carpet comes up!  

I don't know why the pictures always go to the top of the post, but well, you get the picture!  HAHA!  I know that was not hilarious, but I think I may be going a little crazy, and I know I'm tired!  

Keep checking in to see how we are doing!

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