Tuesday, March 20, 2012


When I first visited the desert, I just didn't see any life there.  It was a hot day, there was a lot of sand, even the buzzards seemed a little put out by the heat and the fact that nothing new had died out there, most likely, since the last time they looked, because nothing would have ventured out there in the first place. 

But it wasn't long before I learned that the desert is just magnificently alive!  It might be sleeping through the midday sun onslaught, but there is life out there. 

Besides the animals that call the Sonora Desert home, there are a multitude of flowers.  If anything, the colors are more vibrant than anywhere else.  Yellow is truly yellow, green is truly green, red is amazingly alive-looking, like the blood that flows through our veins; and the mountains ringing the desert?  Just look at those!  Created by a true artist!  We can't make this up.  The beauty is breathtaking! 

I have trekked around in the desert of Arizona several times now, and every time is different.  Every time it seems as though my eyes have opened a little wider, my heart grown a little more full, and instead of aging forward, the child comes out in me and gives me 3-D viewing I seemed to be losing in the day-to-day battle to survive the stress of life. 

There it is, though.  There is what the child's mind sees, all 3-D and beautiful, and mysterious.  It's coming back to me now. 

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