Sunday, February 20, 2011

Waiting on Kathy

Hello, I'm Kathy.  

I recently spent a few weeks in Arizona, borrowing some space in my cousins' Bill and Tracy's beautiful home, and even Sadie, the Cocker Spaniel, made room for me in her life and daily routine. 

All three of the humanoids were stuck in the nightmare of having to keep up with our jobs, even though we really wanted to just be playing, but the last weekend, Tracy made arrangements for us to take a road trip to Tucson where were would hike in the Saguaro National Park, take in the Free Flight Raptor Show with the Harris Hawks as the stars, and snap hundreds of photos.  That night, we were going to have the pleasure of staying with Tracy's brother, Tom, and sister-in-law, Donna, and doing that brought back so many childhood memories for me.  It seemed fitting that we were all together again, laughing, shopping, eating, drinking.  

The following day, Sunday, Tom and Donna took us out into the middle of the desert, telling us there was a beautiful mission built out there.  I was doubting that, the further we drove, but suddenly, up popped this unbelievably gorgeous white building! Being Sunday, the parking lot was full with worshipers, but as soon as the last Mass was over, we were allowed in to tour the ornate building.  

San Xavier Mission, Tucson, Arizona

Breathtaking view when walking into the church

Yes, there was a gift shop.  When you put me into a place like this with a gift shop steps away, then a theme quickly arises, and this was it:  Waiting on Kathy.

Looking for Kathy:  Tom and Tracy

Waiting on Kathy:  Tom, Tracy, and Donna

Waiting on Kathy...again:  Tracy and Donna

Waiting for Kathy after sending Tracy to bribe her with Indian flat bread
 We had an awesome time.  There was so much to take in, so much beauty to try to capture with the lens, that I was awestruck, so I do not think anyone minded too much that I was disappearing.

This post is dedicated to my patient family, Tom and Donna Cox, and Tracy Pierson.  xxoo to all of you! 

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