Saturday, December 18, 2010


ADDENDUM:  When David's mama returned home from a long day at work at the Inn (the one with no rooms)...ha, I sent her in to take the laundry from the washer and to please start it drying.  I sort of huddled up back here in my office and scrunched down in my chair and waited for the bellowing scream I was sure would follow, because when sorting the dry laundry later, I realized a couple of Jamie's shirts must have gotten into David's load.  

Little David, little angel.  The light of my life.  My helper, my buddy, and probably the person I was soon going to have to protect, was upstairs dutifully cleaning his room.  I knew that because as he cleans his room, he sings nonsensical songs and repeats quotes from his favorite cartoon characters and jumps a lot.  Things like, "There's no need to fear, underwear is here!"  As he lobs it into the laundry basket.  Or, "To infiminy and beyond!" As he jumps from his bed and hook-shoots a shoe into the closet.  

So, back to the rest of the story.  I hunkered down and heard the dryer start, and there was no shrieking or anything, and before she headed back upstairs, I asked her to read this blog.  

Was I ever happy to see her laughing that hard about it!  Relieved, really, beyond words.  But, I also did not miss the little tip-toe shuffle back into the laundry room to check, just to check.  Still no shrieking!  David...whew.  That's all I can say, buddy, just "whew."  

I am now in the process of hiding all the cleansers and bleachy type products.  

Merry Christmas to everyone and to all a goodnight!  

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