Tuesday, September 07, 2010


There is a five-year-old boy residing here!  You might wonder what the issue is.  Well, for one, I am used to living alone.  I am used to waking up every morning to the same routine and going to bed every night to the same routine.  I am used to walking out whenever I want and not having to tell anyone where I will be.

Due to some pretty dramatic and traumatic circumstances, my daughter and her five-year-old son have moved in for awhile.  A-W-H-I-L-E...because we all need them to have their own living space.  But until that is possible, we are cohabitating, which actually is not a bad deal at all.  She does the cooking and housecleaning, and even the mowing.  Well, as a matter of fact, yesterday, she washed my car. This is something I could get easily very used to.  

I work to make the money, which she will also be doing shortly, we hope.  Having their own living space is contingent on the money-making thing.  

And all just rolls right along, we do our thing.  But when I finally got the cobwebs out of my head this morning, I noticed, when glancing out back at my bird feeders, into my peaceful backyard, that there are two chairs stacked precariously on the knobby root system of the old box elder, a lantern and a couple of rather dried out peanut butter sandwiches are on the chair, and from eyeing it from the ground, I think that a small five-year-old wiry boy could probably reach the first branch of the box elder from the top chair and manage to use the rope tied around the lantern handle, to hoist that into the tree...

Thus, my opening statements:  Help, I need somebody!  


Magpie said...

You're doing a good deed and shall be rewarded accordingly!! As long as nothing or no one gets broke, you're doing great.

Jingle said...

cool post, hope you well.