Thursday, January 07, 2010


Christmas came and Christmas went.

New Year’s came and New Year’s went.

I made a resolution:  I resolve to take as good care of myself as I do of my job.  I worry about the job, but not about ME.  I make sure I do an impeccable job at work yet I had a dysfunctional, rather uncomfortable living room. 

So here’s what I did…first I bought a Wii console and a Wii Fit Plus exercise board for it.  Love it!  Then, I bought a beautiful credenza to house the yet-bought big TV I promised myself.  Once the credenza was delivered, well, I am sure by now you know where this is going, I bought a 47-inch flat screen television. 

Once all that stuff was here, Don helped me rearrange the living room, the credenza was fitted with the TV and the TV was fitted with a Wii system, a new DVD player, and a nice little surround sound speaker system.

I took a picture before it was all finished.  Here it is:

Living room2






After my bank account recovers and I am back into a size eight jeans, I intend to have a comfy new recliner and a new sofa that I can lay on after my Wii Fit Plus workout and a couple of games of Wii bowling or tennis and fall asleep in front of my new TV.

So now you see why I have been MIA.  It drives me pretty insane to have electronics that I have not finished setting up or broken in properly.  I get pretty preoccupied with it.

Tonight, though, as it snows pumas and dingoes, I have taken a breath and given the Dell a chance to rejoin the family!

Happy New Year!  May 2010 find you healthy and happy!


Tracy said...

Oh, please, don't ever disown Dell!

Magpie said...

Welcome back!! You've been missed. Great resolution though. We often forget if we don't tend to ourselves how can we tend to anyone or anything else???

Kathy said...

I am so much more relaxed and happy. I think the Wii exercise routine is really what's helping with that...but whatever it is, I'll take it!

Dell will always be connected from me to you, Trace! :-)

And thanks, Nancy. I missed being here. Hope to get My People going again soon!


I love you guys!