Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I worry about the earth. And every summer I spray enough pesticide on my lawn to probably kill a large horse, or a human, and it certainly cannot be good for my dogs, my grandkids or ME. But I live in mosquito country where mosquitoes resemble small flying horses, and in order to make the back yard enjoyable for the summer, it has to be sprayed heavily to keep the blood suckers down to a tolerable level.

Anyway, I read that a single bat will consume up to 1000 mosquitoes per night, and I started researching and found that a person can actually buy a fully constructed, ready to hang Bat House.

When it arrived in the mail, fully constructed and all, and the brochure said it would hold 100 bats, I was skeptical. I still am a little skeptical, but my awesome boyfriend, who usually goes along with my whims, built a pole, attached it firmly to the side of the Beach House, pointed the entrance to the Bat Chambers southeast as instructed, and hoisted it 17 feet into the air.

What I had not read is that it takes one to three years to even get a bat colony going on, and if after three years you don't have any bats, you should probably consider moving the house.

I am patiently waiting, waiting, waiting for bats, dragging Tracy outside at odd times to see if we can spy one coming or going, and here is a picture of the abode. If any bats are reading this and would like to take a look at the place, just give me a call!

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