Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Marriage Script

They have never been the type of people to hurry anything along; never jumping in with both feet. Both have been burned way too many times to make harsh, quick decisions.

An example of this would be the patio that they finally built. They have planned on doing it for three summers in a row and finally it is done.

Marriage fits into that category of not rushing into anything, too. The fact that they have been officially engaged for eight years proves that as a couple they can find absolutely no reason to hurry it along. They both own houses so are securely rooted into place, approximately one block apart. She has her cave and he has his, and they find that comforting, quiet, secure, and sometimes a little bit lonely. He has his way of doing things, she has hers, and they have found that they are quite happy with that setup. He has the rim of his bathtub free of products, she has hers stacked full. He has shelves in impecable order, hers are stacked to the ceiling. He pays the bills ahead of time, she sometimes does not pay hers at all. She nurtures the weeds in her yard, he kills his. She catches the bugs that get into the house and releases them to the outside, he stomps them to death. He is bald, she has more hair than she knows what to do with...opposites attract.

Knowing all that, it is not the least bit suprising that they would have a script they follow at least one weekend a month concerning the possibility of marriage or co-habitation, recited from memory like the lines of a play. They pull up chairs onto the new patio or into the Beach House if it happens to be raining or cool, start drinking a little beer on a Saturday afternoon. He drinks his from the can, she has to have a glass. The curtains open and their script reads something like this:

Him: If I ever would happen to move in here, I'd want to put a two-car garage right out there.

Her: That's okay. Just be sure that you put a cot out there and heat in the winter in case you piss me off and need somewhere to sleep.

Him: I guess things are okay the way they are.

Her: I guess so.

They improvise now and then. Sometimes she is a little lonely and wanting a little more companionship in her life from him, so she starts the conversation, but the last line is always the same.

No, they are not the kind of people to rush into anything. Why mess up a good thing?

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